Tudor Bompa

The Father of Periodization

Dr. Tudor Bompa has been said many times to have revolutionized western training with his theories of periodization in Romania, 1963. The effects are seen and practice today by every serious athlete.  In his books he explains the practical use of periodization in diet and training programs. His text are generally easy to follow for a reader with a foundation of strength training basics and terms. His fourth edition Periodization should be reserved for advanced trainees and coaches to solidify their knowledge of Bompa’s theories.

Bompa has devoted a lifetime to his research in strength training and conditioning. He was a competitive rower in Melbourne, Australia in the 1956 Olympic Games and awarded a silver medal at the 1958 European Championships which were held in Poland. Today Bompa works as a professor at York University in Toronto Ontario.  Aside from preaching his sound training theories in over 30 countries, he has also worked with athletes in 11 Olympic Games and World Championships while molding 22 national champions and gold medalist.

He first gained interest in strength training as a track and field athlete, later he became more involved in rowing and cross country skiing events. It was during the 1960’s that he pioneered the integration of sports-specific strength development. Fellow athletes were astounded to see how Bompa’s gains in upper and lower body strength manifested itself during a race. Especially the force he could exert with his arms. During 1963 Bompa was asked to train a nationally ranked javelin thrower. She set a new world record and became an Olympic champion with his training guidance and supervision. For Bompa, this was just a beginning of an innovative career in strength training and conditioning.

Any serious athlete will find publications by Dr. Bompa informative as well as rewarding.