Top 10 signs New Year resolutions have hit your gym

10. Endless sit-ups
Many New Year trainees erroneously believe sit-ups will target excess abdominal fat – zapping away unwanted deposits like a game of Space Invaders. Despite their modest efforts, while hording sit-up benches for hours, continuing to overeat will always retain the holiday chub.

9. Invisible Lat Syndrome
New Year trainees are at risk for Invisible Lat Syndrome, a deformity that limits an individual’s ability to hang their arms perpendicular to the floor. An unseen latissimus dorsi of gigantic proportions limits upper-arm mobility and often infects individuals with egos that far exceed actual muscular development.

8. Protesting the use of multiple benches
Training with giant sets or “running the rack” aggravates some people – as if the brief moment of extreme intensity leaves them feeling inferior. Despite their complaints over equipment use, they readily sit on a bench while carelessly going from one set to another with no urgency. Ironically, they require 45 minutes to complete three sets of a single movement, while the high-intensity set consumes only a moment.

7. Blind leading the blind
A new trainee helping other new trainees can be a disaster in the making – not only unproductive but potentially dangerous. Before adopting training advice as gospel, consider your source!

6. Grunting!
Before the advent of the spoken language, prehistoric man grunted proudly after respectable feats of courage. Modern man sometimes reverts to this primitive attention-seeking behavior when first embarking on a progressive strength-training program – by resisting the temptation to breath, for a teeth-shattering growl. By all means, breathe!

5. Twenty-set biceps
New gym-goers often feel smashing each arm into pieces of charred flesh is a requirement for sleeve-splitting dimensions. Often lasting an hour or more, the training volume leads to performance inroads that even an advanced athlete would struggle to recover from. Lack of fundamentals, coupled with inadequate nutrition and rest, eventually results in another year of inactivity.

4. Forced reps and spotters
A bench press often presents frustrating territory for individuals new to resistance training. Instead of surrendering to a 135-pound bench press, they recruit the assistance of a “spotter” to hammer out 225 for repetitions. They routinely fail to apply continuous and adequate tension, resulting in a diminished training effect.

3. “What do you take?”
New trainees are infamous for magic-pill questions. They don’t care about training theories or nutritional advice – they’d readily take on a hefty dose of gamma radiation for hulk-like muscles. Sadly, they refuse to spend a dollar on a training log.

2. Horrible form
Many things in life come with an operator’s manual; unfortunately, nobody receives a personalized set of instructions at birth. Many inexperienced trainees subject themselves to movements defying basic muscle mechanics. They allow an instinctive alarm reaction to override effective exercise execution. Injury risks are compounded by a lack of training knowledge and discipline.

1. The “I used to…” crew
Describing how much you used to bench does not qualify as chest training. Put up or shut up.

Searching for supplements that work

Best Post Workout Supplement – One that Works:

“Does it work?” This infamous question, asked by countless aspiring strength athletes, receives at least as much face time in free-weight facilities as “how much can you bench?” However, the later allows a much more definitive answer – defined by exactly how much one can lift – while the former is too vague and subjective. Suddenly increasing training volume may work well, but the true benefit could be the injected variety, beneficial changes in nutritional support, heightened excitement to perform or a less stressful personal life. Whether a dietary supplement works well for performance enhancement is also subject to many variables. Even when a pharmaceutical compound is clinically proven, there always remains a portion of non-responders. To truly realize which ergogenic aids are effective, athletes must understand their body’s unique requirements, inherited advantages and handicaps, as well as muster the mental motivation to put up with demanding training schedules.

best post workout supplement

Popping pills or using innovative training theories can result in a placebo effect; physical or emotional changes occur as a result of suggestion, not a special ingredient or action. Numerous scientific studies on placebo effects have demonstrated the great influence a person’s mind has on a subjective outcome. In clinical research, blue placebo pills often produce depressant effects, whereas red placebos are more stimulative; patients report falling asleep faster with blue capsules than orange. Physicians have documented red placebos as more effective pain relievers than white, blue or green. Large pills are more effective than small ones. Colored pills are more effective than white ones – red is more effective than green. The placebo phenomenon illustrates just how powerful a person can make a supplement by whole-heatedly believing it works.

People frequently find it difficult to accept their senses are deceiving them; many will defend what they see as reality. Optical illusions demonstrate this concept. By arranging colors and shapes in a specific manner on a flat sheet of paper, it’s easy to fool the mind into seeing three-dimensional objects on the two-dimensional surface. Furthermore, black-and-white ink can sparkle with color amid the right layout of shapes and lines.

Unwavering religious beliefs also shed light on the power of suggestion. Devoted people hold onto their faith even when divine intervention cannot be proven. Many athletes pray for help prior to competition – convinced that an omniscient spiritual being is capable of making anything happen. In sports psychology, promoting positive thinking through private meditation or group reinforcement techniques has shown to exhibit an ergogenic effect. Sports teams are rallied to believe they are the best, elevating each individual to perform at their peak potential.

Many trainees will swear by the effectiveness of a substance, action or behavior – sometimes no amount of evidence will convince them otherwise. Like an optical illusion, they see it clear as day. Even when someone is certain something works, the perceived effect could be related to a completely different variable. In the end, what works best is an athlete’s open-mindedness and raw motivation to improve.

Does it work? It works for me.

Bodybuilding attitudes in business

Bodybuilders are often good for business. People engaged in strenuous exercise achieve more than a stronger body and more positive self image; many improve work environments by raising employee standards and productivity. Walking upright and proud is respectable – but more importantly, valuable lessons are learned by achieving the top levels of physical conditioning.

Successful bodybuilders ascend above obstacles and prevail in maximizing their potential. People who buckle under pressure lose competitiveness. Becoming physically stronger is a psychological adventure of recognizing barriers, defeating limitations and rewarding progression. Strength athletes strive to meet development plateaus with innovative ways to get back on track for new found gains. A bodybuilder’s inner motivation to maximize personal potential demonstrates a problem-solving and winning attitude.

Training for peak performance requires proper time-management skills to maintain periods of physical activity in conjunction with a challenging and consuming career. The ability to meet deadlines readily shows the competency of an organization – especially when contractual agreements come with strict timelines. Daily schedules must be organized to keep “I don’t have the time” excuses curbed. Bodybuilders learn to do more, in less time.

Bodybuilders frequently broadcast discipline by ignoring destructive influences. They readily take the stairs to a first-floor office, or shrug off lures to sugary, high-fat foods. Much of today’s society lacks the mindset to stay active and make proper food selections. Laziness with minimal responsibility for personal health often leads to handicapped workloads and increased sick days. Healthy habits and responsible social settings are required for bodybuilders to obtain and maintain a competitive condition. When stepping outside a norm, it takes true intestinal fortitude to avoid peer pressure and stay focused on goals.

Statistically, active people tend to be optimistic and less tense. During stressful workloads, ventilation must keep an office environment from boiling over in grudges and disputes. Routine exercise is known to release stress and replace it with a healthy cocktail of feel-good endorphins. In January 2007, Winston-Salem State University published a mental health study demonstrating that increased physical activity can be as productive as anti-depressant drugs. Bodybuilders tend to stay productive during increased pressure, and then let ill feelings slide sooner.

Even personal financial responsibility is a likely attribute among bodybuilders. People overloaded in bills at home are more likely to walk off with office supplies, or sell proprietary information. In August 2008, the University of Minnesota published a study examining stress and key health risk behaviors. The researchers found personal debt was associated with nearly every risk indicator tested, including unhealthy weight control, body dissatisfaction, infrequent breakfast consumption, fast food consumption, insufficient physical activity, excess television viewing, binge drinking and substance abuse.

Successful bodybuilders exhibit commitment through consistency, while facing adversity. They are goal-orientated people with must-win attitudes. Years spent packing on hard-earned muscle and maintaining proper body composition speaks loudly about an individual’s personal character. If the sound of sleeves stretching is heard as an applicant arrives for an interview, take notice – it might be the fresh addition needed to build your business.